Essential Oil Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus Globulus ) has a sweet minty scent . Eucalyptus oil is known for its beneficial properties on the airways and except sweet smelling , also antiseptic and is widely used in saunas and steam rooms.
100% Pure Essential Oil Eucalyptus Radiata

Usage of Eucalyptus Oil

Use a few drops in massage oil and use for muscle pain or in a steam bath if you have a cold. Or use a drop in a glass of water to use as mouthwash.


Evaporate some drops of Eucalyptus oil in a burner for a fresh fragrance in your house . On a summer evening use a burner with eucalyptus oil will keep insects away .


Essential oils are highly concentrated. Never use them purely on the skin. Babies , small children and pregnant women should not be in contact with the fumes.